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Our Passion for Wellness 

Our purpose was brought to life by Loma Alexander, whom holds tremendous experience within the Wellness and Health Industry with over 30 years of diverse experiences and building her own brand. 

Loma is known to be a visionary within the wellness and spa industry. Having luxury spa consulting opportunities with award winning luxury  properties in Napa, Sonoma, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and South Carolina. She is a creative powerhouse, paving the way for creativity and innovation within spas globally. 

Loma's vision of developing a wellness brand that stands true and strong to her core values, and has unique offerings for the spa and wellness industry has never been more present within the worlds changing times, and dire need for wellbeing.

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Our Leadership

Our therapists and operations team at Mount View Spa has been created with the intention of having likeminded individuals that have a strong passion for wellness and holistic health. 

Our therapist and spa team is thoroughly trained and educated with advanced techniques, and going above and beyond for our guests.

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Mount View's Dedication of Service 

At Mount View Spa we have worked diligently over the past several months to prepare our spa to provide all our guests with a safe and exceptional spa experience. 


We follow and maintain the guidelines provided by state and local governments and spa professionals around the world. 


We have created a contactless check-in process, perform wellness check ins for all guests and staff, modified booking schedule to optimize social distancing and have a Rejuvenate certification on sanitation and disinfecting.