The Hideaway
Wellness Retreat

Napa, California 

Located in the forest Hills of Dutch Henry Canyon in the Napa Valley. 

Enjoy full days of Inspired Wellness That is sure to revive your Body, and Mind.  

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Wine with Views

Bring your own wine, food, and beverages to enjoy from poolside, or from one of the many balcony views of the Retreat property. 

Wooden Sauna

Steam Sauna 

Post outdoor massage, take some time to detoxify in the steam sauna, followed by a refreshing dip in the pool. 


Personalized Fitness 

Choosing your personalized Fitness options from various styles of Yoga, Meditation, and Personal Training Sessions. 

Woman in Hot Tub

Season Round

Lomastoga Retreat is available year round. Take advantage of the seasonal changes and the beauty Napa provides from the Winter Misty mornings to the Summers longer days of gorgeous sunshine. 


Retreat Landscapes

Find your self restoring poolside to the Retreat Pool that uses cool water from the cascading creek, followed by warmth and soothing from the Hot Tub, and steam sauna. 

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Make the most of your Full Day Wellness Retreat by preparing and bringing your own nutrition. Fuel your relaxation and detoxification with nutrient dense Whole Foods.

White Washed Wood


Lomastoga Wellness Retreat